Proper community policing at the Isle of Man TT.

Discussion in 'Humour' started by azz66, May 29, 2013.

  1. azz66

    azz66 New Member

  2. bikenutter

    bikenutter VIP Member VIP Member

    Mint that.

    Sent using the force !
  3. cmd1

    cmd1 hey look at me the VIP VIP Member

    If I'm gonna get pulled by cops I want it to be that guy lol
  4. Fruit Bat

    Fruit Bat Chris VIP Member

    What a star, seen it before but still makes me smile
  5. Mayo11

    Mayo11 VIP Member VIP Member

    top guy :D
  6. alb27

    alb27 New Member

    What a laff ... playing the crowd eh .... someone should make a star out of hm .... but he was authorative at
    the same time .. IOM cops are allowed to have large truncheon sticks and they dont mind using them ...
    but its better than violent cops aka ...Rodney King fiasco in the good old US..;)

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