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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by pch1, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. pch1

    pch1 In the gang with Ewan and Charley VIP Member

    Yep, you've read that correctly; I'm on the dole from 02 April.
    I'll have plenty free time on my hands, but no fistful of dollars...not even for a few dollars more.

    You're all welcome to pop round for a brew, but bring your own teabags, sugar and milk ;)

    Looking to the sun it's not all glum as an application for housing benefit has been made :)
  2. Jim27

    Jim27 Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry to hear that mate. Fingers crossed a new contract comes up. You still got a contact at Rolls Royce?
  3. antzx6r

    antzx6r New Member

    Room going free at my man cave if needed

    But only de cafe in this house
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  4. pch1

    pch1 In the gang with Ewan and Charley VIP Member

    Don't be sorry mate (no sympathy/pity needed), it's the nature of the beast (contracting and self employment) as you're fully aware. In all honesty I'm looking forward to the break, but it'd be nice to know that I had a contract to go to in a month or two.
    As for Rolls Royce - I have my agents looking at several positions and hopefully another nuclear role becomes available :)

    It's a shame that my time off work hasn't coincided with my annual pilgrimage to Milan bike show or the two bike trips (Scotland and Spain) I've got booked later this year.
  5. pch1

    pch1 In the gang with Ewan and Charley VIP Member

    You can move into mine, I've got central heating :D
  6. antzx6r

    antzx6r New Member

    this year I'm fixing up a bath tub in the back garden heating the water via burning wood underneath it

    Enjoying the soundtrack of nature as I wash ma wheel nuts
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