Ultrasonic Carburettor cleaning 10% off for NWB members

Discussion in 'NWB Promotions' started by cartman74, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. cartman74

    cartman74 New Member

    10% Off all ultrasonic carburettor cleaning, vapour blasting, brake caliper rebuilds and stainless steel/ally welding at CRC Restoration Services.
    Located in Rainford nr St Helens
    Tel: 01744883451
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  2. antzx6r

    antzx6r New Member

    Bump to repost )
  3. BigDan

    BigDan New Member

    Your place cartman?
  4. antzx6r

    antzx6r New Member

    It's his own unit cleans anything ) I've know the chap about 20 years
  5. BigDan

    BigDan New Member

    I will need some ally welding doing in the next few months, just making a mental note :D

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