The tap anyone?

Discussion in 'Meets & Rides' started by JoshD94, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. JoshD94

    JoshD94 New Member

    just finished work 3 hours earlier than expected so fancy heading down to the tap eastham if anyone wants to meet us down there?
  2. bikenutter

    bikenutter VIP Member VIP Member

    Got hammered in my local lol

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  3. JoshD94

    JoshD94 New Member

    i spent the night in chester, fair to say i was hammered n all lol

    LFCKEV Well-Known Member

    Too cold for the tap really, it'll quiet down this time of year
  5. JoshD94

    JoshD94 New Member

    i've noticed hahaha was a poor effort at a turnout this sunday afternoon lol

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