Plumber needed ASAP in Huyton

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rumpoldstilskin, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Rumpoldstilskin

    Rumpoldstilskin New Member

    Plumber needed for;
    1st fix on two bathrooms
    14 radiators to be plumbed & hung.

    Boilers are in and tested, most of the pipe work is in and connected.

    Houses have been gutted so there's no messing about :)

    Call me ASAP on 07540435338
  2. SKilshaw

    SKilshaw New Member

    Just asked a friend of mine for you, based near Queensferry though, so it's probably too far out of the way.
    I'll let you know his response :)
  3. SKilshaw

    SKilshaw New Member

    Nope, he's booked up until may, worth the try anyway.
  4. smudger

    smudger I Love SV650's

    Do I need to be qualified
  5. Rumpoldstilskin

    Rumpoldstilskin New Member

    Unfortunately yes else I'd be doing it.
    Our plumber has done a bunk and we're left with 1st fix on two bathrooms, pressure testing and having it signed off. Needs to be done this week so we can finish the rooms, walls & bathrooms etc. Well annoying that all my plumber friends won't answer their phones.
  6. lee

    lee Moderator Staff Member

    Fuck me smudger im changing your username to yosser hughes
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