Oulton 26th may ( novice only )

Discussion in 'Trackdays' started by Pacuk, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Pacuk

    Pacuk New Member

    anyone on here booked on this?
  2. antzx6r

    antzx6r New Member

    I might do if my mule is fixed

    Who's running the show Who's putting the shine dig on
  3. Pacuk

    Pacuk New Member

  4. Lilday

    Lilday Little Day VIP Member

    I'm up for this. Will book closer to the time though unless it starts filling up.
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  5. Pacuk

    Pacuk New Member

    I'm booked on, 1st proper trackday so would be good not to be a loner on the day..
  6. Darthsmidge

    Darthsmidge New Member

    Will see closer the time, but I'm interested

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