NWB - The new chapter for 2015 and nautical yarns

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by CRM, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    What will be lost ? like i said in the original post this board will be still accessible albeit read only. we either deal with the oncoming problem now with eyes wide open or wait for the big bang and deal with a bigger issue then.

    as for migration - mate not a chance, in short the migration has gone from one to another and i dont think that was 100% clean.
    as such i am guessing there is quite a lot of legacy guff in the DB and tables and looking at the issues others have had porting out to either phpbb or vbulletin seems to have been a pretty torrid affair with limited success and lots of problems after.
    trying to just download the database is a none starter - its over 3gb. the speed it moves over my 100mb pipe aint exactly quick before it times out or once it does land wont open on a PC due to corruption and on a MAC it opens - just.

    I have done a few migrations between phpbb, vbulletin and evne snitz and a couple of others over the years and regardless of the converter used or care in cleaning up there is always a gotcha somewhere down the line be it in performance or mysql errors
    I really aint a sql developer and my skills are limited in regard to coding, db dev and php stuff. Honestly with the best of intention i am not making a rod for my own back with this or getting dragged into something i spend far too much of my time maintaining when a clean vanilla board using a tried and tested and popular format will be a piece of piss to support and maintain so perhaps i can enjoy some summer on my bike and not nursing some sick board.
  2. victor meldrew

    victor meldrew The Tosser formely known as Cupid stunt VIP Member

    So long as we can still take the piss out of each other it will be ok im sure and thats my main reason for beeing in this asylum !
  3. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    nothing, so am i, and i aint spending hours of my time trying to code something that may or may not even work.
    i have no problem getting it up and running with the essentials - and then i will look at other stuff time permitting.
    I think the priority is taking the load of this current DB before it shits itself.
  4. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    too fackin right. this place provides endless hours of fun. call that motive if you like.
    met some good mates on here too.
  5. Connor Jardine

    Connor Jardine New Member

    I completely agree just one for the suggestion box :)
  6. Barts Dad

    Barts Dad New Member

    Spot on.:thumbsup:
  7. pip

    pip VIP Member VIP Member

    onwards and upwards i say.
  8. Phil M

    Phil M Well-Known Member

    I remember when this website was all fields.
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  9. bloke

    bloke smoke crack, it makes you look cool VIP Member

    none of them townies here either
  10. stumoores

    stumoores New Member

    Have we got a proposed date for this momentous occasion yet CRM ?
  11. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    nah have we chuff
    i got the board and sections done, permissions need a bit of testing yet, then a couple of mods i would like to add (like mod and gallery mod) before roll out.
    Be nice to say for next weekend - but i may decide to polish the van roof or hoover my garage floor instead.
  12. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    Actually to add - if anyone has any panoramic type pics from our bikes meets i could use, can you fire them over to spampile A_T outlook D_O_T com
    anything sunny and nice and colourful would be preferred, extra brucey bonus points awarded for it including a Honda V4
  13. Soviet

    Soviet New Member

    Sounds like great work - look forward to seeing the results ! Rock on !
  14. smudger

    smudger I Love SV650's

    As far as I can see new alias new start for me lol
    As of the old threads then can be re created on new forum board that is what ctrl-c and ctrl-v is for
  15. stumoores

    stumoores New Member

    Who ya gonna be Smudger ?
  16. smudger

    smudger I Love SV650's

    DangerousDave lmao
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  17. jimmytanko

    jimmytanko New Member

    Im going to race the other jimmy's for the "saville" haha
  18. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    Well i reckon we are nearly there.
    just some more light testing and one mod to add (or try too - the "like" mod) and i reckon it will be switched over for you all by default.
    watch this space
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  19. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    Update 2
    This "like" mod aint really pushing my buttons.
    sadly it is in no way as good as the current one or one used my other boards (vBulletin, and others)

    So i am looking at a Karma type system now. consider it a work in progress, and being a vanilla board will evolve as and when.
    One upside i know will please many of you - tapatalk will be available on the new board with immediate effect.
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  20. HondaPete

    HondaPete New Member

    Will the forum still look the same? As its layout and ease of use for mobiles is one of the reasons i frequent here.
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