NWB - The new chapter for 2015 and nautical yarns

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by CRM, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Darthsmidge

    Darthsmidge New Member

    All sounds positive :thumbsup:
  2. Jazzi

    Jazzi Listers Missus VIP Member

    Will be good for a fresh start! I'll miss my post count though :(
  3. stumoores

    stumoores New Member

    When will we set sale? Can I be Roger the cabin boy ?
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  4. Bradders

    Bradders New Member

    You can be seaman Staines :)
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  5. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    you are the cabin boy
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  6. Baldrick

    Baldrick Has a cunning plan VIP Member

    Can I be Master Bates then? :D :thumbsup:
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  7. KTM_Dude

    KTM_Dude TT 2015 Booked! Oh yeah! VIP Member

    You may.
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  8. victor meldrew

    victor meldrew The Tosser formely known as Cupid stunt VIP Member

    Will you be banning perverts and people from Denton re joining ?
  9. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    and we will miss you Jazz:eek::eek::D:D:D
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  10. Barts Dad

    Barts Dad New Member

    :wacky:Keep up the good work. I don't understand computer jibber jabber but all sounds good to me, if you know what I mean.
  11. Bradders

    Bradders New Member

    Not a clue what your on about mark it was all just a bit jiberish
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  12. Connor Jardine

    Connor Jardine New Member

    Got a suggestion, weather it can be done or not, it wouldn't be the end of the world but maybe a "back to top" button? :)
  13. rjvader

    rjvader Backpack Man VIP Member

    thats what the home key on your keyboard is for ;)

    or a quick couple of swipes on your phone if your on that
  14. Connor Jardine

    Connor Jardine New Member

    I'm lazy.... What's wrong with that lol
  15. Woody

    Woody Super Naked. VIP Member

    Paul can you really not port the DB over to your site?

    There's a lot of threads that have been going into for r a long time and would be a shame to loose all the data stored.
  16. lee

    lee Moderator Staff Member

    Paul did explain but it was a strange geek language.
  17. stumoores

    stumoores New Member

    It's not a change for the sake of it, it's do or die. We make links to youtoob and the likes all the time. New threads will be able to reference old threads and so they will live on.
  18. HondaPete

    HondaPete New Member

    Maybe we can set the new tag locations in places people might actually know, and not have to google for an hour? I want an excuse to ride my damn bike! :barefoot:
  19. Pacuk

    Pacuk New Member

    How will we know who nods ??
  20. Baldrick

    Baldrick Has a cunning plan VIP Member

    And will the new forum nod at the old one?
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