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Discussion in 'News & Information' started by CRM, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Shipmates
    I wanted to bring every one up to speed with the current situation of NWB and the forum.
    As you are aware i offered to take over the helm from Paul and keep the good ship NWB afloat and sailing towards warmer and calmer waters.
    Sadly after doing some basic deck scrubbing and looking into the engine room of the database and forum software, i think i spot an iceberg ahead - and it's a big bastard right in our path.
    So after some further investigation it would appear that using the xenforo board, the rudder has just jammed and the throttle lever has snapped off!

    With a 3gb Database, vast bandwidth being consumed monthly it's only a matter of time before the ship either sinks or hits the iceberg in the distance.
    I see only one solution for the long term future of NWB - and that is in the shape of a new clean empty forum.

    With no clear / clean migration path, poor xenforo support i am working on a new empty forum that will be hosted on my own dedicated server (that i also run other sites, and busy bike forums from) that i can maintain and ensure stays healthy and will provide us with a long term stable future with ample bandwidth and built in fail over and daily full backups.

    Obviously being a new empty forum there will be no posts. I aim to keep the structure very similar to our current format with some enhancements, streamlined sections and one thing close to many of our hearts will be a dedicated section to show our respect to our fallen friends and members.
    The content will soon build up over the first few weeks however it WILL involve in everyone registering again on the new board.
    This is unavoidable sadly, however it will clear a load of legacy baggage and old inactive user accounts.

    I would like to make it clear i will do everything i can to keep this current board accessible in a read only format for as long as possible. Also much to the delight of many - tapatalk will be coming back to the new secure platform.

    Many of you will have questions i am sure, you are welcome to ask them here and the team will do what we can to answer them, but please bear in mind it is a work in progress and will still be a couple of weeks before coming on line publicly.

    So at the risk of sounding like the captain of the Concordia - prepare to abandon ship (now where is my private speed boat ?)
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  2. Cabernet

    Cabernet Smug to be riding the Moto Guzzi VIP Member

    Thanks Paul for the early heads up. Backup of the favorite threads time I guess.
  3. Connor Jardine

    Connor Jardine New Member

    Does this mean you have a new domain name for it?
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  4. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    good question Connor - No it will be accessible on the same name.
    what will happen, once the new board is ready, instead of landing here at this board, you will land at the new one directly - and possibly face a quick summary of the above and link to register on the new board.
    once registered - your in and thats it really

    This board will be accessible for reference by a link at the top of the new forum to its new URL and will be closed to all new registrations and new posts.
  5. bloke

    bloke smoke crack, it makes you look cool VIP Member

    does that mean if someone wanted to they could register on the new forum with a username that someone on here already has and post loads of gibberish etc?
  6. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    Regarding the VIP status

    Some of you have quite recently upgraded your accounts to VIP status which of course we will honour on the new board - by request only.
    However before feeling cheated i propose to do the following like i do on all my other forums.

    Once a member upgrades thier account status they will get an increase of PM space from 100 to 500 messages.
    Also the avatar feature will be enabled for the user too. (TBC)

    I will keep the minimum donation at £5 however it is of course at your discression.

    Every single penny raised by VIP upgrades will be donated at the end of each year to the North West Air Ambulance.
    Last year between 400greybike and crm250.com we raised and donated over £360

    The hosting and bandwidth costs serious money to do it properly, However my business requires a proper dedicated IP pipe and powerful dedicated web servers so we can happily ride on the back of this with no financial overhead with the exception of domain costs which are negligable.
    Every penny goes to the NWAA and i am sure you will agree it is a very worthy charity and one that i think has touched many of us for one reason or another and one we all firmly believe in too.
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  7. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    Good question that Karl, it does indeed - however anyone of course contesting a name can easily raise it as an issue and the team can sort that pretty easily.

    I think we are all grown up enough to not allow anyone take the piss like that - or they get virtually nailed to the rudder
  8. bloke

    bloke smoke crack, it makes you look cool VIP Member

    obviously i wasn't thinking of doing it myself

    but if you could let me know first when the change is about to happen though ;)
  9. bloke

    bloke smoke crack, it makes you look cool VIP Member

    oh fuck...just had an idea...:whistle:
  10. Connor Jardine

    Connor Jardine New Member

    Can you not use the current domain but create a archived version of the site on it.. Was just thinking because people have hoodies and stickers and so on...
  11. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    Erm i just said that - i don't follow you. the logo and stuff all stays the same as does the web address as per my previous post.
    Fear not i do this for a living of a sorts.
  12. Connor Jardine

    Connor Jardine New Member

    Sorry my bad read it wrong..
  13. jimmytanko

    jimmytanko New Member

    I for one just cant wait to get back to bloody tapatalk
  14. stumoores

    stumoores New Member

    The future looks bright
  15. goody

    goody New Member

    Fair play clean slate new start :thumbsup:
  16. johnnyrotten13

    johnnyrotten13 New Member

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  17. KTM_Dude

    KTM_Dude TT 2015 Booked! Oh yeah! VIP Member

    Might be a good time to update some usernames as well.
    Like some idiot who has a KTM in it, when they have actually sold their KTM years ago ......
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  18. Dai Version

    Dai Version New Member

    What about all the useful info held in our archive of posts like what peeps think of tyres and how chain tension will affect battery charge? I sometimes refer back to opinions for info (and sometimes a right good laugh). Still, they are useful.
  19. CRM

    CRM Administrator Staff Member

    like i said this board will still be accessible (via a link) and made read only so you can all refer back and chortle to yourselves at posts previous
  20. Dai Version

    Dai Version New Member

    Good enough for me capt'n ..... I'll sign my mark and haul my sorry arse aboard

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