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  1. suzukisue

    suzukisue Inactive

    As you all know i am the meet organiser so :) ....Mozz had a great idea lets have a meet at Martins local The Elm Tree at burtonwood where the funeral was...
    The landlord is a biker and has said we are welcome, he as also joined the forum himself...welcome diggers:)
    After all the sadness of late lets get together as the family we are and have some fun ...:D
    please post up if you are attending so the pub has an idea of numbers
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  2. Bradders

    Bradders New Member

    Sorry I can't make this one I have relatives coming up from London...sorry

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  3. Sean.D.

    Sean.D. New Member

    On nights that day so it's a no from me
  4. jimmytanko

    jimmytanko New Member

    I should be about for this one, so will try and make it along
  5. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    ive got a two up knee down lesson with ROSPA but will come after that as long as i aint filled me undies with shit and walk like john wayne
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  6. mooro

    mooro VIP Member VIP Member

    I'm in defo
  7. Phil M

    Phil M Well-Known Member

    I'll try to make it but just depends on work, got a big week coming up.
  8. azz66

    azz66 New Member

    ill have my new parts for my bike count me in
  9. Think I'm off to the rugby that night otherwise I'd be well up for it. I'll let you know if plans change.

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  10. lavinia

    lavinia Navigator Extraordinaire

    quite a few are already at oulton for bsb that weekend sue
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  11. bikenutter

    bikenutter VIP Member VIP Member

    Oulton Park weekend I know that there's gonna be loads of peeps there

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  12. LFCKEV

    LFCKEV Well-Known Member

    Should be ok i'm nit at oulton untill the next day, i'll keep u posted as will have to take bike to work
  13. cheekykev

    cheekykev New Member

    Sorry Sue, me and cheekyads can't make that Friday, we're off to Cornwall Saturday morning at 4.00am for 2 weeks,
    I don't want mess things up but Is it possible to move it to Thursday evening instead, that also migh be better for a lot of others that are going to the BSB at Oulton park, just a thought.
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  14. Mayo11

    Mayo11 VIP Member VIP Member

    Sorry Sue its BSB for me
  15. suzukisue

    suzukisue Inactive

    yes i did know it was bsb but, i thought most were just going for one day....

    How about the friday after the16th ....and yes i know people are going to be on hoilday too...but it is august :)
    and you can never please you lot ;)
  16. suzukisue

    suzukisue Inactive

    when i did week day meets people said they did not want to come because they had work the next day....
  17. cheekykev

    cheekykev New Member

    Thursday the 8th please Sue :rolleyes: ;)
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  18. suzukisue

    suzukisue Inactive

    lol for you sweet :) i will have to have a word with the pub ....friday did suit them .....
  19. bikenutter

    bikenutter VIP Member VIP Member

    Make it the Friday after then
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  20. suzukisue

    suzukisue Inactive

    its Cheeky kev he is away 2 weeks

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