How about blackpool on wednesday 2nd july

Discussion in 'Meets & Rides' started by -, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    How about going to blackpool next wednesday evening we could all meet you on parbold hill in the layby on top at lets 7pm. Leave at 7:30 making are way to blackpool so some of the more northern members can join us.

    How does that sound peeps?

  2. paul

    paul Administrator Staff Member

    Count me in :)
  3. Col12342001

    Col12342001 New Member

    No good for me, I am in Blackpool the following Sunday! :)
  4. Guest

    that will do i can take you to knot end then gladson dock its not that far and a top road if thats any good to everyone
  5. spikeytaff

    spikeytaff Moderator Staff Member

    i'm in, so long as it ain't chester, paul will be up for it :lol:
  6. Ghosteh

    Ghosteh New Member

    Yeah sound, I'll be up for that like :).
  7. mongoose

    mongoose New Member

    I'll be there, I dont mind travelling a bit to a meet! :lol:
  8. andyb99

    andyb99 Ironman

    we ride to knott end quite a bit. its a good run...Killcrash lane....great name
  9. bwfc4eva86

    bwfc4eva86 New Member

    If im not working ill bob out :) see what im working next week and let you know for defo :)
  10. Carrie

    Carrie New Member

    Sounds good, can we at least go on the big one? haha! :D
  11. kaos

    kaos Administrator VIP Member

    Not out for bout another month :(
  12. paul

    paul Administrator Staff Member

    You've hurt my feelings Ben :(
  13. Falcon

    Falcon New Member

    I'd pillion ya! but ive got single seat on lol.

    Unlucky babe! :p
  14. kaos

    kaos Administrator VIP Member

    Im sure u'd whip the seat back on for me to have my balls close.

    Extra warmth an all that

    Sorry paulio...tis broke and as soon as its fixed its going. Time to move up
  15. hales_22

    hales_22 New Member

    ill try n make it, im not workin anyways so dont see y not :w00t:
  16. Guest

    im in blackpool, where u thinkin og goin on the sunny north west coast?
  17. Guest

    You tell us were the best place to meet, and we'll see you there.
  18. andyb99

    andyb99 Ironman

    we are DEFINATELY coming out on wednesday night.
  19. Guest

    R1al you go to where you know meet you there anywhere is fine for us local lot glad you are this way lookin forward to it
  20. Guest

    i agree wiv hughesy u go to where u no, and well meet ya there
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