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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by antzx6r, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. antzx6r

    antzx6r New Member

    anyone use any sites to meet girls who ride bikes ?

    Biker wifey wanted
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  2. bloke

    bloke smoke crack, it makes you look cool VIP Member

    you two splitting up already??
  3. Rumpoldstilskin

    Rumpoldstilskin New Member

    I tried that bikers match but it's a pay site and only one good looking lass on it that was within my age range (also blind and bad on her feet so she canna get away)
    Get on tinder, my best mate hasn't had a dry week yet.
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  4. antzx6r

    antzx6r New Member

    Been on tinder been on them all lol
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  5. Rumpoldstilskin

    Rumpoldstilskin New Member

    They are a rare breed. Best bet would be to go up to the Harley Davidson shop in Preston and try to woo the lass in there, she's a right looker but wasn't having any of it with me, maybe next time I'll zip my pants up (twas a cold day)
    But yeah,
    biker chick- check
    Good looking- check
    Down to earth- check
    Has a job- check
    Not a midget- check
    Is in her early 20's- check
    Likes all bikes- check
    And does photography- check

    (Not pimping her out or anything haha)
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  6. Barts Dad

    Barts Dad New Member

    Are you men for real?
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  7. pch1

    pch1 In the gang with Ewan and Charley VIP Member

    Why the two timing, cheating bastard! Hah ha ha
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  8. pch1

    pch1 In the gang with Ewan and Charley VIP Member

    There aren't any good looking biker chicks...besides if she was into bikes she'd have to meet this lot :(
  9. antzx6r

    antzx6r New Member

    I must know an
    I'm going lol
  10. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    The girl in the HD cafe? She Is spoken for :(....fine specimen of a female .
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  11. Cabernet

    Cabernet Smug to be riding the Moto Guzzi VIP Member

    Best way to pick up biker chicks is to become a biker instructor. Catch them at CBT level before they get out on the general market. Drop in subliminal thoughts whilst discussing the correct grasp on the throttle, and the right clench on the tank with their knees.
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  12. Jim27

    Jim27 Administrator Staff Member

    Just get out and meet new people. Whenever someone invites you somewhere or suggests something always say yes. You'll meet more new people that way and maybe even the girl you're supposed to be with. She may be a biker girl, she might not, but you can always entice her into the world of biking via CBT as a gift or even just as a pillion.

    There are plenty of nice, single girls out there who love bikes but just don't know it yet :) Stop looking, start living and have faith in the universe that when you're ready it'll put you in front of the right girl you'll fall head over heels with each other. Until then just enjoy life!

    A watched kettle never boils ;)
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  13. Jim27

    Jim27 Administrator Staff Member

    Is it because of the likes of you then that most biker chicks have issues by the time they enter the mainstream biker community lol?
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  14. stumoores

    stumoores New Member

    It's a sad fact but Bikers are seen as Gay by most girls these days. You'll have more luck with an arm full of ink, and Audi and a bag of coke !
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  15. jay750

    jay750 Mr Zed

    Plenty of brothels around
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  16. pch1

    pch1 In the gang with Ewan and Charley VIP Member

    ...and stay away from those dating websites. They can be quite depressing to read when every woman wants a 6 foot plus millionaire with a head full of hair and a mouth full of teeth, when what they really need is an average bloke.

    PS I'm a 4'3" balding toad, if you fancy picking me up and kissing me to see if I turn into Prince Charming, please call 0800 4Q2 :D
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  17. Bird

    Bird New Member

    Way to alienate every female biker on this site! :thumbsdown:
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  18. pch1

    pch1 In the gang with Ewan and Charley VIP Member

    Hang on lads, I think I've got a bite, although it took longer than I thought! Ha ha ha :)
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  19. Bird

    Bird New Member

    I think it's easier to convert a woman into biking than the other way round...I would have thought most women would like to go pillion etc. It's tougher for me to find a biker bloke as most are already attached and because I'm always with other blokes when I go out I can imagine most guys will assume I'm already with one of the blokes I'm riding with. And I'm not interested in meeting a non-biker as it's not practical plus it's not like I can take a bloke pillion!

    The only thing going for me is the ratio of biker men to biker women, there's greater probability for me to meet a biker bloke than there is for guys to meet a biker girl I guess.
  20. Bird

    Bird New Member

    And to all the single blokes note that any biker girl who meets you will be able to read all your previous posts you wrote when you thought no-one was watching to see exactly what kind of person you are :roflmao:

    God bless the internet.
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