Clarification of banning reasons.

Discussion in 'Support Center' started by Woody, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Woody

    Woody Super Naked. VIP Member

    Before you think this is a wind up please don't delete the thread.

    I've found out that Richie has been banned so I want to know how or why people will be banned.

    This forum is big on banter and being allowed to say what you want, now I understand there has to be a limit. So if I give Sean shit I'd expect not to be banned and if I give shit to someone from a certain Clique I'd expect the same.

    It seems to be that the forum is going to go even more hitler like for the sake of one small group of individuals. Now (clearly) I'm not a fan of them but quite frankly I couldn't give two shits if they want to stay away.

    So if I ask someone to meet me face to face to "discuss" will I be banned?

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  2. smudger

    smudger I Love SV650's

    Depends if it's for a massive breakfast in a bike establishment :lol: or a purse I suppose but I think it was more use the pm method and not publicly airing your dirty linen

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  3. Purity14

    Purity14 New Member

    What if I was to put my meat in your face, or would that be too bland?
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  4. CaNsA

    CaNsA New Member

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  5. ExOldRacerGit

    ExOldRacerGit VIP Member VIP Member

    Simple really, treat people with dignity and respect. and if you've a problem PM them.
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  6. daveace22

    daveace22 New Member

    I'm sure if you go to the forum rules thread it will explain everything you need to know

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  7. stewslash

    stewslash New Member

    For a minuet I thought this was bike related ( being banned from driving ) it turns out it's the same old shit that goes around on here week in week out these days
    I've only been on here just over a year but let me just give a outsiders perspective here, I don't socially know anyone off the forum , I have no clue who has issues with who or why ,or even care for that matter
    I have bumped into a few while being out on the bike all of which have been nice people
    I first came on here with the view to doing what I believe the forum was first created for , getting out on the bike for a few rides wherever possible and meeting a few like minded bikers , talking bikes and tapping into the forums vast knowledge of everything bike related
    But fuck me this place has changed a lot the past few months , every other day there seems to be some sort of drama , members calling out members , members outing other members personal lives, cross forum grudges from other sites and upset/aggrieved members making their grand exits via threads
    Every time these things happen you have the same small group of level headed members who try and defuse the situation best they can (it rarely works though ) as the is clearly a couple of different clicks and individuals on here who just don't get along (or am I just imagining this?) , that's fine it's bound to happen

    The upshot of this although this is of little consequence to anyone here, as a total outsider to all this it makes me personally reluctant to go out on any of the meets or rides as I have no clue what "click" I will end up
    I only say as this could be having the same effect on new members joining the site ??
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  8. reef

    reef New Member

    Thought i was gonna enjoy grown up banter and conversations on this forum seems not ....might need to rethink where i post .....shame cos i just got Nwb stickers too :(

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  9. HondaPete

    HondaPete New Member

    I am a bit confused as well in honesty, as i've seen mods throwing around the phrase "this is a public forum, people can say as they wish, and people need to remember that" and yet now were told that it ISNT a public forum, i am a tad lost as to where we all stand as to whats too far ect, of course though, there will of been a lot going on behind the scenes to have caused this i understand that.
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  10. lee

    lee Moderator Staff Member

    Alright woody.
    I cant (wont) comment on whatever happened today.
    Im not sure of the facts.

    Im sure everyone noticed the rules page you had to accept today.
    This is merely a reminder of what are long standing guidelines on what is or isnt acceptable.
    General piss taking and banter never has, and never will get anyone banned.
    Nor will expressing your opinion.

    I dont think anything is being done because of any group of people. Especially not those that have decided to leave.

    The main reason has probably been summed up by streetwise far better than I could put it.

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  11. Woody

    Woody Super Naked. VIP Member

    Lee I don't know what rules page your on about pal I'm on my phone in work.

    I'm aware of what is and isn't acceptable like most including rich but from my point of veiw people are getting abit to ott with things. Calling someone a "fucking dick" is a matter of opinion. Know if they were to stalk them to their house then yes that's cross the line.

    Tbh I haven't seen too much of people crossing the line other than posting fact that people dislike.
    I can take any manor of arguing and take most things in jest but I can clearly see the reasoning begin all this.

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  12. lee

    lee Moderator Staff Member

    Ill try to clear that up.
    The forum is (as with most other forums) a public forum, meaning anyone can join, and more importantly anyone (even non members) can see whatever you post.
    It is however owned and operated by one person.
    And he gets to say how you should behave while on his forum.
    People are welcome to say and do as they wish. So long as it doesnt break the forum rules. Which everyone has agreed to do.
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  13. lee

    lee Moderator Staff Member

    Im pretty sure saying that to someone wouldnt get anyone banned.
    Even in an arguement.
    Maybe youd get a message or comment to ask you to be civil.
    But I even doubt that tbh.
    Saying your a dick and im gonna smack you at the next meet would see you out the door id guess.
  14. smudger

    smudger I Love SV650's

    Staff with power happyness I say

    That's a joke

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  15. Lee711

    Lee711 Carpe Diem.. VIP Member

    Guys for what it's worth, i've been here since 2008 (or thereabouts ) and apart from the odd major fall out over the off season, i've never seen things so turbulent but hang tight, as the weather picks up rideouts and meets will become more prevalent, i'm sure the general feeling on here will change. I have been through quite a lot with certain members on here over the years and made some good friends, and regard this place as a home from home and will not be coerced into hanging up my forum boots because of the bickering and in-fighting that has been going on. It will sort it's self out eventually and return to the good old NWB that it is.
    Bring on the warmer weather and the good times again.
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  16. Dave

    Dave Moderator Staff Member

    we have no power smudge .......

    A forum moderator oversees the communication activity , we monitor the interchange of contributors and make decisions regarding content and the direction of threads. Moving discussions from one section to another to keep topics organized. we actuallly join in with the banter
    If the tone of a forum becomes hostile or starts to move in the direction of personal attacks, we have the discretion , not power, to lock the discussion to prevent heated, interchanges. we can also remove or hide discussions we deem unworthy of further discussion at that time. we have done this far too often recently , hence the rules

    In some respect , there will be no difference on here at all , look at the piss takes me and you have had recently ? that will all stay the same ....Paul has seen fit to apply these rules to stop the site becoming a slanging match. Im sure in the next day or so, it will be as relaxed as ever .......let the banter begin
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  17. Cabernet

    Cabernet Smug to be riding the Moto Guzzi VIP Member

    Peter, this forum is open to the public, but is not owned by the public. Therefore if you make some daft arguement, that arguement can be attacked and made a mockery of. However, a meaningful attack on an individual is not acceptable.
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  18. smudger

    smudger I Love SV650's

    Dave I was.having a laugh Im a administrator of a forum with over a few thousand members

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  19. pch1

    pch1 In the gang with Ewan and Charley VIP Member

    Lord have mercy on their poor souls! Ha ha ha
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  20. smudger

    smudger I Love SV650's


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