2 years of head fcuk..but it was wort it

Discussion in 'Projects & Modifications' started by NED, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. NED

    NED revin the hell out of it while i still can

    i put my first post at nwb about a year ago when i thought my little winter project was near complete...how wrong was i!!!!!
    i have mainly been scouriing the turbo bike forums for info and tips on how to round up the list of isues related to a diy turbo job.
    anyway.i am now ready to re join the general biking community now my bike is back on the road and reliable enough to get me anywhere i want within my 70 mile tank radius...
    cant wait to get out there {weather permiting} here,s the pics i promised View attachment 1112 View attachment 1111 ] View attachment 1109 View attachment 1108
  2. Jazzi

    Jazzi Listers Missus VIP Member

    oh my god.[​IMG]
  3. Vvtr

    Vvtr ( . )Y( . ) Turtle Z VIP Member

    you do realise you are insane? [​IMG]
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  4. bikenutter

    bikenutter VIP Member VIP Member

    An R1 with a turbo I bet that's friggin fast , is there any lag? How's it handle?
  5. Barts Dad

    Barts Dad New Member

    OMG :surprise:
  6. lee

    lee Moderator Staff Member

  7. Fruit Bat

    Fruit Bat Chris VIP Member

    Respect. I worked with a guy nearly twenty years ago who had modified a ZZR1300 to 1500cc and slapped a turbo on it. A magnificent feat of engineering. Have fun
  8. kev1382

    kev1382 Welsh Hoonigan VIP Member

    fookin quality that mate, 8)
  9. FazerUK

    FazerUK New Member

    Looks very nice :thumbsup:
  10. Vvtr

    Vvtr ( . )Y( . ) Turtle Z VIP Member

    i have to ask....... what did mr insurance man say? [​IMG]
  11. Woody

    Woody Super Naked. VIP Member

    OMFG :O

    So top speed/Acceleration?

  12. Furyous

    Furyous Alex

    Want a go. :russian_roulette:
  13. captaingoslow

    captaingoslow Rockin to myself VIP Member

    I have seen these on YouTube they are fast and hard to keep to the floor v
  14. NED

    NED revin the hell out of it while i still can

    i have had 189 on the clock..well into the redline..top speed isnt that important its the speed it gets there that makes me gigle like a girl.
    mr insurance doesnt know yet,shhhh..dont tell anyone.
    i have had aquote for 430 from carol nash wich isnt bad considdering i live in huyton.
    yeah there is a bit of lag the boost doesnt come in till 7500,cos the turbo is a whopper .its good for400 bhp.pros and cons tho .i can cruise on the motorway at 110 in 6th at 7000 without it tryin to take off and get me knee down at 6000 riding steady.it handles just like a normal r1 until it makes 8000 and then all hell breaks loose 130 mph wheelies in 5th and all that.he..he
  15. ListerTheStupid

    ListerTheStupid Is it summer yet? VIP Member

    OMFG! I need a GO!!!!!
  16. kev1382

    kev1382 Welsh Hoonigan VIP Member

    I wanna take it down the wheelie road.....may not come back up it though...lol
  17. bikenutter

    bikenutter VIP Member VIP Member

    f*ck me I wanna see it in the flesh when ya out on it?
  18. Chickenstrips

    Chickenstrips New Member

    Jesus H Christ and all the disciples that is BONKERS
  19. Falcon

    Falcon New Member

    sweet, got a spare kit for my 5pw :D?
  20. dan0h

    dan0h Auto Sport North

    Top man - like your work!! :D

    Needs a little nitrous pre-spool to get that sucker spinning! Or some launch boost control of some kind (what people tend to call Anti-lag, but thats a bit of a misnomer as Anti-Lag is descriptive of a number of systems).

    I'm 12 years experienced with automotive engine management systems, and moving in to bike tuning in the next few months, so feel free to lean if you need any engine management advise...

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